Openhearted, raw, playful, free of form and rules, a satire and tragedy in one.

Based on true stories, Ilse paints a personal portrait of the electric world of ADHD and the chaotic, crazy and fast ADHD world that we are living in today. With music composed by Mascha van Nieuwkerk (known from Fuse). This year My Electric House will tour in Holland, Great Britain and Indonesia.

”Whether you have ADHD yourself or not, Ilse knows how to take you with her stories about life with an overcrowded brain. And she does so in a comic-tragic and poetical way.”   Roy de Beunje, Thema Tijdschriften Amsterdam 

Interview with Ilse (in English): Click here Radio recording (in Dutch): Click here

”Such an intimate piece, It almost feels like walking into someone’s living room.”   Samia Amrani Akdi, Gemeente Amsterdam



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“That’s the problem with being an adult: people have already made up their minds about us; we’ve even made up our minds about ourselves.”

~ ― Edward M. Hallowell 

”My thoughts are beautiful but they are like butterflys, they fly away.”

~ ― Edward M. Hallowell



About the show


The play is about hyperactivity. I took that as a base to start with because I know allot about this subject and because I quickly found a link which is that it talks about the hyperactive world of today! It’s speed, it’s madness, it’s chaos, it’s tragedy’s and its joys and how we try to survive in the middle of all that. How I personally found a way to survive in all of that being someone hyperactive and fast. And the roads and situations it led me to. I never mention the word ADHD or hyperactivity in the play because all the stories in the play will already say everything about it.
As a narrator, I speak directly to the public, I share stories and jump in different characters and situation where I take the freedom to come back as the narrator at any time. The stories are often tragic but also comical, real but uncommon, serious but poetical and with guidance of music that was composed around the stories and themes.

A physical and musical theatre performance about ADHD, why?

After a try-out from one part of the show, a parent of a child with ADHD came to me and said almost relieved: “It’s as if for the first time, I can be happy that my child has ADHD!”

That’s exactly what I want to achieve. That people do not develop the idea that someone with ADHD has a disorder but a brain full of challenges, full of creativity and possibilities. I want to make people without an ADHD brain curious about how an ADHD brain works and also wonder how their own brain works. And stimulate people to cultivate their talents instead of focusing on so-called constraints or limitations.

And I ask myself: is it really us or is it the chaotic, fast, crazy world of today? How does this world affect us and how can we make chaos a force? The stories in the show reflect this time and are told in a very lively way with a mix of humour and tragedy. From the little girl at school who did not fit in the system to the mature person who chose to create her own rules and choose her own way.

Because I wanted to know everything about my brain, I travelled the world to interview different specialists. The most memorable encounter was with Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist from New York, ADHD expert and ADHD-er himself, who I met in London. After all the conversations and research there was only one thing I wanted to do: share the results with as many others as possible. First, in my columns for BALANS magazine, and now, on stage.


In 2013 I graduated from the International Theatre School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris. There I studied and played with people of 26 different nationalities. That has strengthened my curiosity about other cultures and the desire to tour in different countries. This performance is set up in a way that makes this easy to realize: No complicated decor. No complicated music installations. But: I’m lucky to speak three languages ​​so I can play it everywhere. Beautiful music by cellist Mascha van Nieuwkerk, recorded with a Loop station, which I can take along everywhere. A tight and bright light scheme, so I’ll not dependent on a regular technician, but can pass the light plan to a local technician while touring.