(ENG) Poem ‘Love is free’ (2019)

I look at the birds and I wonder,
I look at the trees and I wonder,

Do the birds also have monkey minds or are they totally free as I imagine them to be?

Are the trees just like us but they have found their deepest roots and with that a new form that we call tree?

Are they softly communicating at night and kindly giggling about the restless hearts and energies that walked around them that day?

I wonder if I could join them and listen carefully without saying a word. Just learn about their roots and how to put mine deep into the ground, so that I don’t get blown away by the wind.

Even the birds master the wind as they choose their course, flying but knowing, and the trees rooted but free as their branches touch the sky.

The two must have some kind of love between them. The trees that are always there as a home for the birds. Reaching their arms into the sky, letting them rest on their branches any time they get tired or need a home.

I pray that all love can be as free and generous, just co existing and supporting each other, nothing to ask, nothing is needed. Coming and going.

The trees don’t get angry when the birds fly away.
The birds don’t get angry when the trees loose all their leaves or when their arms are dancing with the wind from left to right.

Love is free.

Plum Village, 2019