(ENG) Nature and my body is my home

I remember being three and four years old.

How good it felt to have a body.

To feel the mud with my hands.

Receive the rain on my face.

I remember the joy of moving my body around, dancing and spending hours with the trees, the sky and my cat ‘Loupi’.

Simply being present in my body, and with life around me brought a huge amount of happiness.

Then came the day where I lost connection with my body and spirit, and became a walking head. Trying to survive in a crazy world.

I want to spend the rest of my life recovering the same connection and presence I had as a 4 year old.

And if I’m blessed to become a mom, support them to never lose that connection.

It is the sweetest, most delicious part of being a human being on this planet. 

Nature and my body is my home. I never want to live anywhere else. Not even in my own mind.