All workshops and lectures can be given in Dutch, English or French (no fixed location or country). My biggest aspiration is to fully understand children’s experiences, needs and dreams in today’s ever-changing world. I seek to help children and young people cultivate a sense of self-worth and belonging, and to understand their right to safety. Through regular conversations with children, schoolteachers and parents, my aim is to bring more awareness to children’s inner worlds. I wish to deepen our understanding of the ways that allow children to grow in a healthy and happier environment, which will also contribute to a healthier and happier society in the future. I also speak to the inner child in us adults. When we heal this part in ourselves, we heal our relationships and discover our true nature.


I always start by making sure that I am fully present in order to truly connect, and listen. I create a safe and nurturing environment for children to feel comfortable and share what is on their minds and heart. In the workshops, everyone is equal, and nothing is wholly “good” or “bad”.  This means the conversations that take place are always as rich and surprising for the children as they are for me. See the next document for more info:

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In this interactive lecture, I share a series of short films I made with groups of children between 8 and 12 years old on the theme of emotions. After a discussion of the films, I will share concrete practices to communicate and engage with young people in a way that is beneficial to both children and adults. The sessions are interactive, where participants can explore different tools and exercises to better their communication skills, and enable a safe and encouraging environment for the children they teach. I will share my experiences both as a teacher and as a student, and what I feel is needed within schools today. I will discuss the importance of emotional development, and how it can lead to happier students, and better academic results. It is crucial that adults devote time to their own emotional learning too. Children respond to actions, not words, and mimic the behaviour of those around them. It is essential that we adults learn how to respond and take care of our own emotions.
By working and living this way, and engaging with students with compassion, teachers will see positive results both in themselves, and in the students they teach. Educators will find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their work, which is inspiring for students and teachers alike.


I teach theatre to children and young people for SEP (Foundation for Projects in Education), Jeugd Theater de Krakeling, Wijsneus en Noordje. After studying at the International Theatreschool of Jacques Lecoq, I started using movement a lot! The body is more intelligent than the mind! I also use music, literature and the imagination and interests of the children present to teach or devise work together. Theatre can help children express themselves more freely. By doing so, they get to know themselves and the world better, but they also can find more confidence and playfulness.

It is possible to organise a workshop outside schools. More info or contact: