For as long as I can remember, I’ve been curious by the mystery and vibrant life surrounding us. I was blessed to grow up between mountains, trees and rivers. Nature and creativity has always been my friend, my inspiration and my healing. Together with the interaction with other people. I love sharing and hearing stories. I started doing this in theatre as an actrice, but shortly after that I felt the passion of communicating directly with people-on themes that can bring more harmony in ourselves and in the world. This led me to write a lot, and speak in front of various audiences. I love working with both adults and children. 

I’ve had to overcome a lot of trauma that happend early in my life. This has pushed me to grow, heal and become a more present and conscious human being. The survival mode I was living in before I went through a intense healing process, pushed me to do a lot. I’ve always asked myself a lot of questions. Instead of going to school I would often go into nature or into the street and talk to different people (homeless people, dealers, workers, elderly, prostitutes, children) to talk to them, ask questions and learn new things about them, myself, and the world we live in. It also engaged me to travel alone too many places in the world. My first solo trip (at 18 years old) was through South America. Traveling to Senegal and Gambia (in Africa), Indonesia and Palestine have also been an influence in how I think and see the world today.

Because I had to face a lot of difficult parts in myself, I am now able to see and understand people better. I’ve always been extremely sensitive and have learned to use this as a gift and tool to help myself and others. Being of service brings me a lot of joy! Traveling and different holistic practices is what has helped me to heal and bring myself back in contact with my true nature. I’ve lived for several months in a buddhist monastery in the tradition of Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. I’ve done a lot of body therapy, meditation, visualization, inner child work, shadow work, mindfulness, and I worked with (psychedelic) plant medicine. I’m curious and always happy to continue to learn and grow in order to be of service to myself and others.

Besides a busy live, I enjoy the simple presence of being alive on this earth. My happiness comes from the peace within that I feel when I am connected to myself and nature. I don’t need much and am eternally grateful for the mystery of life and the devine connection that is present inside all of us.