For as long as I can remember, I’ve been curious by the mystery and vibrant life surrounding us. I was blessed to grow up between mountains, trees and rivers. Nature and creativity has always been my friend, my inspiration and my healing. Together with the interaction with other people. I love sharing and hearing stories. I started doing this in theatre as an actrice after finishing the theatre school of Jacques Lecoq in Paris, but shortly after that I felt the passion of communicating directly with people-on themes that can bring more awareness, healing and consciousness in ourselves and in the world. This led me to write a lot (columns, articles, and books), organize workshops and speak in front of various audiences such as mental health care institutes, schools, businesses, and members of the royal family and the president of the Netherlands in 2022.

I’ve had to heal and overcome different childhood traumas like sexual abuse. This has pushed me to grow, heal and become a more present and conscious human being. We are not victims of our life. We chose to come here and have all kinds of experiences (both light and dark) for our soul and consciousness to expand, heal and create. I know both polarities of light and darkness very wel. This is what helps me to understand and emphasis with people better. Traveling and different holistic practices is what has helped me to heal and bring myself back in contact with my true nature. I’ve lived for several months in a buddhist monastery in the tradition of Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. I’ve done a lot of body therapy, meditation, inner child work, shadow work, mindfulness, and worked with psychedelic and non-psychedelic plant medicine. I’m curious and passionate to continue to learn and grow in order to be of service to myself and others. And create more beauty and connection in the world!

I also worked a lot with children through mindfulness and theatre workshops (groups and one-on-one). The core of my work has always been to provide a nurturing space, encouraging them to express themselves, and getting to know their inner selves and the world around them. This experience been fulfilling and enriching. Today, I enjoy working with both children and adults. 

I have the double Nationality Dutch and French, and currently live in the mountains, in the French Alps. I enjoy meeting new cultures, people and places, which has always led me to travel extensively.

Besides creating, I enjoy the simple presence of being alive on this earth. My happiness comes from the peace within I feel when I am present and connected to my true nature and nature itself. I am eternally grateful for the mystery of life and the divine connection that is present inside all of us. It’s time to let go of any external projection of authority, and remember our true nature. Our authentic self is a gift to the world and the people around us.